We will provide more information later about the benefits of attending this conference. However, it is already clear that the benefits will include:

  • new insights into successfully combining wind power and other renewables
  • understanding how Tasmania is able to set a 200 per cent renewables target
  • a new appreciation of how a community’s ability to coordinate different renewable power sources with varying demand is key to the overall transition to renewables, and
  • fully appreciating that, when planning and advocating for the further development of wind, hydro, solar or any other type of renewable resource, the overall context is that renewables must be made to work as a symphony
  • being less likely to make inappropriate and costly decisions caused by not taking into account the need for renewables to work as a symphony
  • a unique opportunity to engage with policy makers, developers, equipment manufacturers, system planners and other industry experts to gain latest insights into the challenges of transitioning to a clean power grid including integration of wind power, storage systems, solar and other renewables

Image supplied by Hydro Tasmania