Goldwind Australia is a leading renewable energy solutions provider, having installed and operating more than 1.5 GW of renewable energy across Australia. Goldwind established in Australia in 2009 to deliver solutions to the Australian, New Zealand, and Indonesian renewable energy markets. With “innovating for a brighter tomorrow” as our mission, Goldwind is a leader in providing clean energy, energy conservation, and environmental protection solutions, contributing over 86 GW of sustainable energy solutions globally. Goldwind operates on 6 continents in 32 countries and has more than 10,000 employees.


TasNetworks is a State-owned Corporation that owns, operates and maintains the electricity transmission and distribution networks in Tasmania and provides safe, affordable and reliable electricity supply to more than 295,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

As a key link between electricity generators and electricity consumers, TasNetworks sits at the heart of the energy system, running the Tasmanian electricity network safely and efficiently while enabling and accelerating progress towards Tasmania’s energy future.


Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest generator of clean renewable energy and largest water manager, wholly owned by the State Government of Tasmania. Leading Australia’s clean energy innovation, they have built 54 major dams, 30 hydropower stations and two major wind farms. Hydro Tasmania also generates energy using world-leading hybrid technology (incorporating wind and solar generation) on King and Flinders islands.

Hydro Tasmania’s retail business, Momentum Energy, is a leading supplier of energy solutions to business customers and residential markets across Australia. The consulting business, Entura, delivers clever solutions in water and energy to clients locally, nationally and internationally.


Marinus Link is a proposed underground and undersea electricity and data cable that will further connect Tasmania and Victoria.

It will enable the greater flow of electricity in both directions between the two states, delivering low-cost, reliable and clean energy for customers in the National Electricity Market (NEM). It will have a 1500-megawatt (MW) capacity, equal to the power supply for 1.5 million Australian homes.

In October 2022, the Australian, Tasmanian and Victorian Governments entered an historic agreement for joint ownership of Marinus Link, securing it as a critical transmission project for the nation.


Granville Harbour Wind Farm is located on a remote beef cattle farm near Zeehan on the West Coast of Tasmania.

The wind farm’s 31 latest-technology Vestas turbines can generate up to 112 megawatts of renewable energy – enough to power almost every household in the North West of Tasmania.

When commissioned in 2020, the clean power output from Granville Harbour Wind Farm helped Tasmania achieve its goal to become 100 percent self-sufficient in renewable energy.


Hazell Bros is a fully Australian owned business based in Tasmania and operating Australia-wide with satellite businesses in Queensland and South Australia. Founded in 1944 and still owned and operated by the founding family, the business has now grown to employ some 800 people.

Hazell Bros operates a vertically integrated business model consisting of Quarries, Concrete, Civil Construction and Industrial and Asset Services which allows us to provide end to end solutions for our infrastructure clients.

Hazell Bros has delivered the civil and concrete aspects of the Studland Bay, Musselroe Bay and Cattle Hill windfarms in Tasmania and the Bald Hills windfarm in Victoria.