People from countries around the world will be attending this conference.

Australians, and Tasmanians in particular, have the opportunity to participate in a WORLD conference being held on their doorstep.

Those who would benefit from attending include:

  • Government representatives (for renewables policy development, using renewable sources, awareness of trends):
      • Local
      • State
      • National

For example, those involved in assessing planning applications that involve renewable energy, those wishing to promote the use of renewable energy, and those likely to be asked to work in partnership with a local power-generating project.

  • Senior management representatives from:
      • Power generating utilities and companies: transition, integration of renewables
      • Business and trade associations: policy development, identification of opportunities
  • Individual businesses; suppliers (including components), contractors, managers, expansion into renewables
  • Specialists in education, training and research organisations. Post-graduate students.
  • Consultants and others whose work may directly or indirectly involve the need for knowledge of trends in renewable energy resources, particularly their integration.
  • Individuals and community group representatives interested in the establishment of community power generation.
  • Those in areas isolated from an electricity grid such as islands.
  • And of course, representatives from countries that are members of the WWEA (World Wind Energy Association).


And don’t forget the general reasons for attending a conference. The conference should be attended by people who wish to:

  • meet experts and relevant industry leaders
  • acquire new ideas and insights
  • become aware of new trends
  • build and reinforce relationships with key people
  • make new contacts 


People who like to combine attending a conference with enjoying a holiday should also attend. 

Research on 2023 travel trends by travel company has placed Hobart, Tasmania in the the list of top 10 worldwide destinations people want to visit. (See

And that’s the location of the World Wind Energy Conference 2023! 


Registration fees have been set very low through sponsorship and government support, recognising that some people need to travel long distances. However, locals and large business and government organisations are charged the same low fees. See the REGISTRATION PAGE for more information.

Image supplied by Hydro Tasmania