International Hydropower Association

Roger Gill is President of the UK based International Hydropower Association (IHA) which represents members with collectively over one third of the world’s installed hydropower capacity. Roger is a Civil Engineer with 45 years experience in the renewable energy sector. He consults internationally, particularly in hydropower, and has been active in the development of renewable energy in Central and South East Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. He has chaired a number of panels of Experts for large hydropower projects and is currently Chair of the Technical Review Panel for the proposed Borumba Pumped Hydro Energy Storage project in Queensland.

He is a highly experienced Company Director. Currently he is Chairman of the transmission and distribution business, TasNetworks, in Australia and a NonExecutive Director of Pacific Hydro Australia and the 1,710MW São Simão Energia hydropower operations business in Brazil.

He previously had a 30 year career with Hydro Tasmania.