WWEC2023, Hobart/Australia: Deadline for Abstracts Extended till 15 February

(World Wind Energy Association website, 25 January 2023)

Deadline for Abstracts extended until 15 February!
21st World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition WWEC2023
“Symphony of the Renewables”

Hobart,Tasmania – Australia | 16-18 May 2023

The organisers of the 21st World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (WWEC2023), taking place on 16-18 May 2023 in Hobart, have decided to extend the deadline for abstracts until 15 February 2023.

Abstracts can now be submitted directly via: https://worldwind.events/abstract-submission/

Abstracts are invited on the following main topics:

  • Wind Technology Advancement: Turbine Technology, Wind Farm Siting and Operation, Wind Resource Assessment
  • Renewables Integration and Storage Systems: Innovative Grids, Sector Coupling, Hydropower, Battery and Other Storage Options, Hydrogen
  • Renewable Energies and Communities: Community Ownership, Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing
  • Renewable Energy in Practice: Management, Business Models, Finance
  • Renewable Energy Policies on Local, State, National, International Level
  • Renewable Energy in Road & Rail Transportation, Shipping, Aviation
  • Marine Technologies: Offshore Wind Farm Siting, Construction and Operations, Wave and Tidal Technology

More information about WWEC2023 can be found on the WWEC2023 website: www.worldwind.events

Abstracts format

All abstracts should be written in English, be concise and clearly state results, objectives or key components of the paper – as well as the topic to which it belongs. They should not exceed 500 words and should contain a list of key words. Abstracts should be submitted before 15 February 2023 online on www.worldwind.events

Please choose one of the presentation types: Oral presentation/Poster presentation

Important Dates

EXTENDED deadline for call for abstract: 15 February 2023
Deadline for notification of abstract acceptance: 28 February 2023
Deadline for paper submission and registration of authors: 15 March 2023
Abstracts should be submitted before 15 February 2023 online: https://worldwind.events/abstract-submission/

About WWEC2023

The main theme of WWEC2023 is “Symphony of the Renewables” referring to the manifold synergies of a combination of wind power and other renewable energies, such as hydro, solar, geothermal, ocean, bioenergy and storage technologies such as hydrogen – ultimately for a 100% renewable energy supply.

WWEC2023 will in particular take the socioeconomic dimensions of renewable energy into account: all sectors of society need to be mobilised, from governments, citizens and communities, businesses, science and academia, civil society etc. Local ownership and community engagement models will be discussed which will help to ensure, by sharing benefits, that there is strong social support of the energy transformation.

Tasmania as the Host: 200% Renewable Energy

The hosting state Tasmania is an excellent location for WWEC2023, as Tasmania has not only applied a broad variety of renewable energy technologies, including some of the world’s top wind sites. Tasmania already achieved 100% renewable energy self sufficiency and has also adopted a 200% renewable energy target, aiming at sharing its renewable energy abundance with other states and countries.

Wind and renewable energy experts from around the world, Australia, Oceania, and the broader Asia-Pacific region will gather in Hobart to discuss how to deploy wind power and other renewables in order to achieve a 100% renewable energy future – or even beyond that. Technical, economic and political conditions will be discussed that need to be available for such a future.

Organised by

World Wind Energy Association (WWEA)
in association with Leishman Associates

Supported by

Tasmanian Goverment
Tasmanian Goverment
Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform
Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform
International Hydropower Association
International Hydropower Association
International Solar Energy Society
International Solar Energy Society
World Bioenergy Association
World Bioenergy Association

Gold Sponsors

WWEA is an international association with members in more than 100 countries that represents the wind energy sector worldwide. Top national and regional wind energy associations belong to it. The organization works to globally promote, research and disseminate wind energy technology and to support a future energy system based on renewable energy.

WWEC is the world’s principal event organized by WWEA which gathers together top international experts, not only in wind energy but also in other renewable energies.