Danny Benjamin

Executive Director of Delivery for VicGrid

A great thing about being an engineer is you get to be involved in building complex things that underpin the working of society. This sense of contribution, endeavour and a tangible impact is what has driven Danny to be involved infrastructure projects working across both the private and public sector.

Although Danny has designed various things as an engineer (some of which are still standing and usable) he quickly realised that his skills lay more in helping infrastructure businesses to plan and deliver more effectively.

Danny is now the Executive Director of Delivery for VicGrid – a newly formed group in Victoria established to enable the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Previously, as part of Major Road Projects Victoria, Danny designed and implemented the Program Delivery Approach – an evolution in the collaborative delivery.

Having worked across many projects in all kinds of models it is clear to Danny that finding ways to enable effective working between private and public sector is critical to success in complex projects. Focussing on how to manage risk rather transfer it is fundamental for both clients and deliverers to understand.