Caroline Wykamp

Marinus Link

Caroline Wykamp is an experienced executive and authority in energy markets with over 25 years in the industry. Her expertise covers leadership, wholesale markets, financial risk, start-up, financing, product development and leading teams.

Caroline’s experience in large energy companies spans the delivery chain, from generation to retail. Her executive roles include Chief Commercial Officer at Hydro Tasmania, the largest renewable generator in Australia with the most complex energy asset portfolio.

Caroline’s experience extends to start-ups with her successful energy retailing business, demonstrating her creativity, commercial problem-solving, and expertise as a change agent in building high-performance teams.

Caroline is known for her strategy and vision demonstrated through a number of ‘firsts’. She was the first:

  • wholesale energy broker in the Australian market
  • to create a wholesale reallocation deal with a merchant bank
  • to create an energy markets financing and hedging facility with a merchant bank
  • to create a company selling solar behind-the-meter contracts
  • to create a virtual storage financial hedge contract
  • to sell an ancillary services hedge
  • to create an options-based retail product
  • to bring Mentor Walks to Tasmania.

Outside of work, Caroline is a budding artist dabbling in watercolours, oils, pastels and drawing. She also loves entertaining and cooking.